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DOT Error Correction Training


Course Details

This training course meets the DOT’s requirements for Error Correction Training for Collectors, BATs and STTs.  This training course includes the following:

     Error Correction Training via Webcam*
     Monitoring of Mock Tests via Webcam*
     Documentation of Error Correction Training Completion

*See below for system requirements and special instructions.



To purchase the DOT Error Correction Training Course, you must submit the completed Registration Form online or via fax along with all documentation related to the need for Error Correction Training, including documentation received from the laboratory, MRO and/or employer.  An APS Representative will contact you to discuss available Webcam dates.  Your credit card will not be charged until a date has been confirmed.  Once confirmed, the student will be issued a Confirmation Letter detailing the scheduled Webcam training date.

Requirements for Webcam Mock Collections

  1. The student must have a computer with a reliable high speed internet connection, speakers, microphone and webcam. The computer must be located in an area with adequate lighting and in a private location where the student will not be disturbed for the duration of the training.  The student must not be on call and will not be allowed to leave class to see patients or conduct other business.
  2. The APS Training Coordinator will schedule a required Compatibility Check with the student. The student must be in front of the computer in the location that will be used for the Webcam Mock Collections.  The internet connection, webcam, microphone and speakers will be tested during that time.
  3. The student must have the required supplies available at least 3 days prior to the scheduled Webcam Mock Collections. The required supplies are documented on the APS Confirmation Letter.
  4. If the student requires rescheduling for any reason, a $250 rescheduling fee will be applied. No refunds.