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About Us

Alpha Pro Solutions, Inc. (APS) is an internationally recognized provider of drug free workplace training, products and services and has been a Lifeloc Technologies Distributor for over 20 years. Founded in 2000 by industry expert Sue (Dyer) Clark, APS continues to offer superior services based on integrity and a firm commitment to customer satisfaction.

Drug Free Workplace Training

As the industry leader in drug free workplace training, APS set the standard for quality, compliant training for both regulated and non-regulated drug free workplaces. APS was the first company to offer a full line of interactive computer-based training courses for DOT drug test collectors, breath alcohol technicians, screening test technicians, supervisors, and employees. With a Master Trainer and knowledgeable support staff, APS continues to offer top quality training and education at our corporate office or through our virtual classrooms.

Drug Free Workplace Products

In addition to providing dynamic training, APS offers a full line of drug free workplace products and supplies. From screening and evidential breath testing devices to calibration equipment, rapid drug test kits, alcohol testing forms, and drug testing supplies, APS has you covered.

Drug Free Workplace Services

APS also provides drug test collections and alcohol testing services at our corporate office in Wesley Chapel, FL. All APS Collectors and BATs are DOT Qualified and hold current certificates. APS staff are trained in a variety of collection techniques including oral fluids (saliva) and urine as well as rapid test kits.