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DOT Screening Test Technician (STT)

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations in 49 CFR 40 require that all Screening Test Technicians (STTs) receive training and demonstrate proficiency prior to conducting DOT alcohol tests. Click here to learn more about the DOT’s STT Training Requirements.

APS offers three options for completing the required DOT Collector Training:

DOT STT Training Requirements

To become qualified as a DOT STT, you must be knowledgeable about Part 40 regulations and DOT agency regulations (applicable to the employers for whom you will perform alcohol tests), and you must keep current on any changes to these materials. You must also:

(1) Successfully complete a qualification training program , AND

(2) Pass a monitored proficiency demonstration (5 consecutive, error-free mock tests)

The mock tests must be monitored by a qualified BAT who meets the requirements outlined in the DOT regulations.  Click here for more information on the training requirements, including who can monitor mock tests.