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Online DOT Screening Test Technician (STT) Training – New


Course Details

This online training course meets the DOT’s requirements for STT Qualification Training Units I-VI only for New STTs.  It is suitable for those who already have a qualified STT available to complete Unit VII device training and monitor mock tests.  This course is taken completely online and includes the following:

      Online STT Qualification Training Units I-VI with Final Exam
      Printable 5 Year Certificate (Qualification Training only)
      Printable Proficiency Checksheet

NOTE:  This course does not include device training and monitoring of the DOT required mock tests. See below for additional information, including who can monitor mock tests.

*Password will be available for twelve (12) months from date of receipt

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The student must complete the online course, including passing the final exam, within 30 days from the date of registration.  The student may log in and out of the course and use multiple computers for completion.  The student may print a Qualification Training Certificate upon successful completion of the course.  The student will have no further access to the course after successfully completing the course OR 30 days from registration, whichever occurs first.

This course covers Qualification Training Units I-VI only and does not include device training and monitoring of the DOT required mock tests.  The person monitoring the mock tests may use the printable Proficiency Checksheet from the online course to document the completion of mock tests; however, it is the monitor’s responsibility to ensure the mock tests are conducted properly and issue the final STT Proficiency Certificate. Click here for the DOT’s STT Training Requirements, including information about who can monitor mock tests.

Online DOT STT Training Course Curriculum

The online course trains the STT on the following:

  • The DOT Model STT Course equivalent Units I-VI,
  • Knowledge about Part 40 alcohol testing procedures, and
  • The STT’s responsibility for maintaining the integrity and credibility of the testing process, ensuring privacy of the employees being tested, and avoiding conduct or statements that could be viewed as offensive or inappropriate.